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I'm Kris.

I love to create new things and processes.

I also love to share those creations and use them to entertain people. I'm addicted to learning and growing my skillset. That led to a degree in Digital Arts. I also love video games with a fervor only matched by my love of pizza. I have a degree in that as well, video games, that is. Although, if I could get a degree in pizza I would probably get that too.

Here is the extended cut:

In my broad and extensive experience I have had the opportunity to work on all phases of production. As a professional Motion Graphic Artist/3d Animator/Editor/Producer I have had the privilege to use my skills in graphic design, video editing,  animation and studio production to create or maintain brand identity through promotion and multimedia storytelling.


Some of my major accomplishments have come from editing network and studio promo pieces for large entertainment companies, writing scripts for CBS network stars, and creating motion graphics and lower thirds for commercials and broadcast. I have worked in high stress, deadline heavy positions that allowed me to rely on my creativity, communication, and problem solving skills. Through my work I have also had the chance to meet and interview TV stars, Directors, Writers and other entertainment creators from many forms of media.

 I have also produced 3 skit comedy shows, directed/edited a few digital short films, headed a t-shirt company, a web-design/production company, written a feature length script, and I am producing a YouTube web series. In recent years I have been a YouTube personality/channel manager partnered with BroadbandTV Corp./Viso Network. I have also worked as a channel recruiter for BBTV/Viso. I  currently produce and co-star in weekly, retro themed, multi-camera show with multiple segments. It is recorded live and streamed on Twitch.


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